Start of a new journey!

So today I was diagnosed with type two diabetes! To say I’m devastated is a understatement. I don’t know why I was convinced I didn’t have it. I have a family history on both sides and I’m overweight, something I have been taking steps to combat but not fast enough.

Im so angry at myself, why would I let this happen to myself! I have a young family, a husband who loves me and worried before about my health and I still took no action! Now here I am with a very high blood sugar reading and a decision I have to make! I know what I have to do, I have set myself short term and long term goals but I’m so scared. I’m not sure what I can eat, what to stay away from! At the minute I feel a bit in limbo! I’ve contacted diabetes uk who are sending me out some information to help me start.

Ive decided to write this blog just to air my feelings. I don’t think anyone else will ever read this but that’s ok. I’m allowing myself to have a good old and wallow today and then tomorrow I start changing my life and I will achieve my goals!